Summer Update

Life here in apple gardens hurts. We have had a nice summer, although the weather has not been shown by its very best side just. But it's so good to live here at Sunnmøre, it will not take many minutes of sun until we feel the day has been amazing . The late summer has given us many great days here at home.

The apple family is changing. Midtimellbror has moved 90 miles from home to go to school. It's in my mother's heart, but I'm stuck in the belief that you're going to follow their dreams. Then I can do nothing but wipe my tears, support and heal forward. At least, it's good to listen to his voice that he is happy and doing well. Big brother is also on the way out of the nest, he has decided that he is all too old to stay at home longer (and that he is entitled to) so now he's on apartment hunting. That's how it's going to be, but it's terribly strange.

Then we'll be sitting here we then; I, the Apple crab and the little apple, which is not that horrible little anymore. The family, on the other hand, has increased by two members during the summer. It's Doffen and Karre (no typing error) Rabbit, the fact that there are two ladies played little role when it came to the name choice and they are referred to as males. The little apple is a particular little gentleman,;) Lovely are they anyway! The dof is most cuddly, but Karre thinks that we can only drop to lift him up. Some of you may remember Harald Rabbit, he has jumped out into the woods to find his friend. That with the forest and friends is the official version, the true truthis that the fox has been on the ferry, but there is redundant information for the little apple; 0)

I have been asked if I have stopped blogging. In a way, I'm fine, but I've just reduced to a "blog when the feeling really is there" blog. I'm not innovative enough, I'm not innovative enough and I'm not willing to fill the house with things I do not just need to be the first to blog about something new that has come to the stores. And since the blog feel has come up with quite big spaces this year, it will be stupid to tell me about the posts I actually post. Some summer blogs I have never been so that I'm absent the season is really quite normal. Yes it's been a long time ago and yes it was the last time too, but nowI'm in here a little trip. And it's always so nice to see here's a visit and that it's so nice to leave comments, so nice it's actually that it may not be as long for the next time.