Everyday Life

A trip to the mailbox suddenly becomes a thousand times more exciting when you see a brown lined envelope that stretches crumbly in the middle. Then there is little dubious that it is one of those boring bills that seem to pop up non stop. And when you're pretty sure you do not have a birthday or have "added something to your shopping cart" during the last browsing online, there's a small, tingling feeling in your stomach. It may just mean that it's an entirely unexpected , unannounced, everyday thing to me - since it actually says my name on the envelope.

My assumptions were correct. A beautiful, hand-wrap box I went on. In the box there is a card from the world's best friend and artist . A card of words that warms in the heart and leaves a smile, or two , to. And a pair of beautiful earrings from Mist Design in silver and delicate green Amazonite, the only female stone. Not shop bought, but handmade and perfectly perfect! Imagine that a little Tuesday's attention can be done without warning. But that's what it's like with old friendship, you only know intuitively when it's time for some encouragement.

The delicate colors and the joy gave me inspiration to blog about this. That way, I also get the opportunity to advertise a little for Mist Design . Not because it's needed or that I get something for it, but because I think it's deserved . Thank you, Nina mi ♥

Let yourself inspire and sneak someone you care about, on a regular day, you too. A hug, some words on a patch or a corpulent envelope with a daily gift inside. It does not take much to to spread a little sunshine and receiver as easy to please as me so it will be much appreciated!