Summer Update

Life here in apple gardens hurts. We have had a nice summer, although the weather has not been shown by its very best side just. But it's so good to live here at Sunnmøre, it will not take many minutes of sun until we feel the day has been amazing . The late summer has given us many great days here at home.

Everyday Life

A trip to the mailbox suddenly becomes a thousand times more exciting when you see a brown lined envelope that stretches crumbly in the middle. Then there is little dubious that it is one of those boring bills that seem to pop up non stop. And when you're pretty sure you do not have a birthday or have "added something to your shopping cart" during the last browsing online, there's a small, tingling feeling in your stomach. It may just mean that it's an entirely unexpected , unannounced, everyday thing to me - since it actually says my name on the envelope.

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