How have online housing agents grown as the overall market has decreased?


The United Kingdom Market has been dwindling in recent years. This, however, can be attributed to the Brexit concerns which has resulted in the rise in stamp duty including shifts in taxes levied on the buying and selling of properties. The supply and demand of products and services have gone down especially in markets that are located in the city leaving the market sector in dilemma. The benefits that the marketing section used to enjoy are no longer there.

On the other hand, online real estate agents and the regional market are utilising this opportunity to their advantage and developing. Since the traditional real estate agents have declined in number, the online real estate and property finder market is expanding through increased interactions by consumers, therefore, dominating the market share, although there exist unknown political outcomes and fiscal tightening.

Prospective home sellers have opted to invest and use the most cost-effective means to market their property in an effort to avoid damages and losses. The House Network which is the first online real estate platform that was founded by Mark Readings, is one particular online agent service provider that is thriving in the difficult United Kingdom market that is currently undergoing a lot of challenges with most of businesses going insolvent.

Customers including both buyers and sellers are going for online networks by considering the value. House Network registered approximately 639% web users in the month of October this year which a figure that is much more compared to what was recorded in October 2017. A further confirmation of an increase in online web users in terms of business is confirmed by an enormous increase in enquiries concerning valuations, resulting in a YoY rise of up to 1672%.

Mark commented on the issue by stating that the sellers have discovered the most appropriate channels that have fixed fees and are even more cost-effective for conducting their business transactions. They have also found online agents who make things easier for them. He further said that both local and online systems of marketing best supplements each other but suggested for changes to be implemented to the two models.

The modern generation of business individuals including the buyers have transformed by a greater part since most of them are time cautious, lovers of technology and majorly conducts buying and selling through the online platforms. Most of them when it comes to buying a more expensive product, they prefer being given maximum attention and full customer satisfaction including trust and agency from the seller. Representing the House Network, Mark registered the acknowledgement that this fast-paced generation is going for new and reliable avenues for conducting market transactions.

In conclusion, he said that their customers need to keep tract of the transactions they made perhaps both day and night rather than being placed in a waiting time over a long period of time before they can get back the response about the assets they ordered. This act will increase customers trust since they will account for every coin they have used in the transaction. Both online and old real estate agents need to develop their business models to high levels of standard in order to thrive well in market challenges and government pressures through investing more innovative developments.